Tip for CNY part 2

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If you wanted clear, smooth and transparent looking skin for the New Year, look no further than using a good base makeup!

My top choice would be Skin79’s latest BB cream – Vital Orange BB cream!

I’ve always been a fan of Skin79 and was so excited to try it out when I received the product from Skin79.

This product has a total of SPF50+ PA+++ so you don’t have to apply another sunscreen product beneath it. I looked through the ingredient list and yeap, it does contain sunscreen properties like titanium dioxide and it is one of the top ingredient!

Next, it also serves to whiten and improve wrinkles. The ingredient can strengthen skin’s NMF and maintain balanced skin condition. It also soothe and protect skin from various harmful environments to make a moisturized, healthy skin.

This BB cream is slightly paler than my favourite diamond prestige and lovely girl bb cream when squeezed out. I presume this is due to the high SPF number.

However, it blends in really well with my skintone and doesn’t leave an obvious whitish cast after awhile as it sets into my skin. My skin immediately looks brighter and more well-rested after the BB cream application.

I like it that it makes my skin looks soft, clean and transparent!

A zoom in of my skin with the BB cream. You can see pores on my skin cos I’m not perfect. : )

I just want to say it has great coverage as I don’t even feel the need to use my concealer thereafter yet it feels light on my skin and does not look thick!

I really love this BB cream a lot and it has since then been my top choice favourite BB cream now!


From 29 Dec to 29 Feb, every Skin79 Vital BB cream comes with a pack of exclusive Skin79 Red Packets. Also, simply purchase the Skin79 Vital BB Cream and look for the golden ticket to win:


A full year supply of Skin79 products worth more than $500


A full year supply of Skin79 BB creams

worth more than $100

It is suitable for oily/ combination skin types. Exclusively at Watsons, $49.90.


4 thoughts on “Tip for CNY part 2

  1. I have a question. A collegue gave me Purederm BB Cream and it really looks very similar to Skin79 BB cream. I wonder if they copied it or what. She bought it from WAtsons here in the Philippines and i dont know if you have tried it or not. Watsons here in the Philippines doesnt sell Skin79 and i hope they will.

    1. Hello… I guess most BB cream looks more or less the same. Just that some might appear more yellow, more grey or more pink. 🙂
      I’ve no idea if the texture is similar cos I have not tried that one before. Hopefully you can find skin79 in ur country soon.

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