My Baby Blue!

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Remembered the other time I introduced Blue LED light therapy for people with acne concerns?
I was given another blue light by another company to review!

This time round, it’s Baby Quasar aka Baby Blue!

What makes this device different from the previous (tanda zap) which I reviewed is that this makes up of many tiny LED bulbs whereas tanda zap makes up of a few large bulbs.

While Tanda Zap runs by batteries, Baby Quasar runs by electricity. Just connect the 3 pin plug to the device, press the blue button to switch on and you’ll be able to use it!

I like it better this way as Tanda Zap’s batteries run out really fast in just a few treatments.

To use, start with a clean face. (ok my face here is not clean, it’s only for pictures sake)

Divide your skin into four sections as such and begin treatment for 4 mins per area. Total time = 16 min.

Go round each section in circular motion.

You can also do spot treatment by placing it above the pimple for 2 min.

So after my serious breakout at the jawline, my skin became really prone to clog pores and breakout especially when my period is nearing. My condition didn’t change for the better even after I did my facial. I tried minimizing my serums and stick to the basic skin care, but breakout still occurs. So I concluded that there could be something wrong with my first basic step: Cleansing.

I’ve been using Biore Marshmallow cleanser for the longest time and I reckon the cleansing power wasn’t enough for me. The foam cleanser also makes my skin dry at times. Therefore, I decided to go back to my all time favourite cleanser!

1. Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil
2. Avene Cleanance Gel Soapless Cleanser

These 2 products are the ones that never fail to make my skin clean and refreshed. I don’t know how many of that Avene cleanser have I gone through already! At the end of the day, after reviewing so many products, I would always go back to this. I really recommend this cleanser to people with oily or combination skin. It’s gentle enough yet cleans my skin really well! People with roscacea (skin redness) should use this too as it helps to calm the skin and prevent redness. I used to have that problem but after switching to this cleanser, roscacea is no longer that much of a problem for me.

So to treat my skin, I switched my basic cleansing products and used baby quasar. I did the treatment on alternate days for a week (for initial treatment) before I went for a facial to help remove all my clogged pores.

On initial thought of the Baby Qusar:
It gives a gentle warming effect and helps soothe the inflamed area.
I like the fact that it can be used for the entire face (while Tanda Zap is more of a spot treatment). I also noticed my skin became brighter due to blood circulation.

Here’s a before and after picture!

Can you see how much smoother my skin has become?
Do take note that the result is not based on Baby Quasar alone, but rather a combination of good cleansing products, good facial extractions and of course Baby Blue. 🙂

Baby blue will definitely be part of my weekly skincare regime from now on. What a good way to have a mini facial at home. ^-^

You can purchase Baby Blue from


2 thoughts on “My Baby Blue!

  1. This is very intriguing, but the video doesn’t actually explain what this product actually is or what it does, only how to use it. What does this product actually do? Is it just a light or is there electricity, laser, or radioactivity involved? It seems like it has at least some effect strong enough to affect your skin… How safe is it really?

    1. basically like all LED blue lights, regardless of brand, works by producing oxygen singlets which attach to the acne causing bacteria. These singlets have a phototoxic effect on key porphorins, causing the bacteria to self-destruct. It is clinically proven to treat acne. There is no electricity or whatsoever, just the blue light. but to turn on the blue light, u need electricity. For tanda zap they operate using batteries… for baby quasar, through 3 pin plug. It is safe to use on dry skin. 🙂
      For tanda zap review, here is it:


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