My new dress!


Hello girlies! Valentine’s here! If you are going out on a date, what are you going to wear?

I was sponsored a lovely dress from which I love love so much!
Many of my friends complimented when they saw me in this dress. Hehe.

Wore this Alexa Loveless short Tee dress for my presentation today.
And I really adore this beautiful cream dress with cuffed short sleeve.
It’s sold out but they might open a backorder for it or check out similar designs from their site!

It’s really comfortable and easy to match with any shoes! Pair it with a ballet flats and you’ll be off to go! I think this dress brings out an elegant feel! Very suitable for both work and play. If you are taller, go ahead and match it with jeggings/leggings/stockings.

You know how difficult it can be to shop online when you are petite?
With Changeparade, shopping for petite dresses can be easier!
Their dresses drill down to different body types, colours and styles so that someone who is petite and who might like a sweet or sexy dress is able to search for items that are fitted for them!

So according to them, my style is like a mix of sweet and sexy. Hmmm…
True? Since I typically love short dresses and body con but I love designs
on the sweeter side rather than sexy.

Also I love the contrasting black at the back which makes this dress a little less boring!

Check out this page here for more dating and fashion ideas this V day!

I love their website catalog, very professionally done and user friendly! You can easily find dresses that suits your body and style with the side bar. So check out their page now and never miss it again! 🙂


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