Reach for the moon

So finally I get to rest a little after a hectic week of rushing 4 assignments. It was tough but I was glad that I made it!! Sometimes it amazes me how I get things done and stay motivated though I was struggling.

I can only just tell myself that I can’t stop and that I can only keep on moving. Quite happy with my presentation’s performance. I think my partner and I did a marvelous job! And I didn’t expect the effect would turn out that great, not when we were planning, not when we were rehearsing… seems like effort does pay off when you choose to.

Lately, I’ve resumed back my weekly runs at the canal near my house. I wish to keep up with this healthy habit. It’s always good to sweat it out after slogging so hard for the week. I love the feeling of being so refreshed after a run. I wish for a healthy body and a healthy image. ^^

That’s my pretty  Nike Air which I bought last year. My source of motivation when it comes to running. lol.

I must make sure that some time this year I’ll step into a pool. It’s been ages.



2 thoughts on “Reach for the moon

  1. It’s time we hit the gym again some days…Been so busy with school workloads till we can hardly find a suitable time to run in gym! Me has been using the running track near canal behind my house too!

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