Valentine NOTM

Hello girls! V day is here!!
While some might argue that V day is just another marketing strategy and only fools celebrate it, I would like to differ. Yes, we may spend more on V day buying gifts or going for an expensive meal. But that’s just a day to show appreciation to your partner isn’t it? If you love ur partner, treat everyday like V day. But honestly, not everyone has the money or ideas to spend everyday like V day.
Sometimes, you need something to spice up the relationship, and V day is just one of that something. =)

Anw, check out my NOTM!

My Valentine Nail.
Decided to go simple on this occasion … glittery pink

From TheFaceShop.
Not cheap but quality is surprisingly good, texture is super smooth and easy to apply! One coat is enough to cover up the nails. Here, I applied two coats!

So enjoy your dates girls! ^-^
If you don’t have one, take the initiative and ask someone out.
It doesn’t have to be guys doing it all the time.

Retweeted @dressabelle this:

Check out what ur gifts say about you! Click Click

This year I’m giving my boyfriend some handmade gift, hmm as usual. haha! But I find this more meaningful and less hurtful for the pocket.


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