My Vday 2012! ^-^

Look what I’m holding on!! It’s a cute UGLY DOLL!!
Personally not a soft toy person, but this is different as it is painstakingly sewn by THE BOYFRIEND as my V day gift. hehehe.

Not every year we get to spend the V day on the actual day. Usually we try to avoid the crowd but this year cos of schedules and all, we had to date on the very day itself.

I suggested singing as I really wanted to sing badly. lol.

Recently am in the mood to sing some emo songs. Usually I love to sing loud cherry dancing songs or raps. lol.

Prawn is so cute! He says he thinks this doll is very ugly.
But I think it’s cute!! I can feel the sincerity. Love handmade gifts. Actually a card will be good. Still waiting for his card. lalala.

Had a lovely evening at the kbox. Love his latest haircut!
I always think guys look good with fringe up. Clean.

Simple dinner after that. ^-^

While queuing up for food,

Prawn: Can I play with your phone?
Me: No! Only left with 48% batt. Later no batt.
Prawn: Pls .. still have 48% ma …
Me: Cannot! I want to take pictures one…
*starts cam-whoring*


Me, 小布 and Prawn .
Yay!! :>

My gift for him.
2 page Scrap art. All about being random. lol.

Nice?? Hehe.

V day is also our first date together! So kinda meaningful too!

he said he 3 days working on it. And the last day he stayed up till 5am to complete it!! *touched* 100% likes for the gift and effort.

7 thoughts on “My Vday 2012! ^-^

  1. Cheryl Azarraga says:

    Thats sooo sweeet. And the doll, i think its cute and very funny. Youre boyfriend must really love you so much because guys seldom do that, i mean, stitching a doll? thats waaay too tedious for some guys but your bf really took the time and effort. Youre a lucky girl.I think you two are a cute couple. More cheers and im wishing you two the best. BTW, i love your dress? where did you bought it? and what brand? i saw one exactly the same in PROMOD and Topshop.

    • ariesapril says:

      Hehe Thank You Cheryl. Yes he is very sweet! Been quite some time since he made something for me. And I’m quite shocked and impressed that he actually stitched a doll~ Thank you! I bought my dress in Singapore’s far east plaza. No brand. :)

      • Cheryl Azarraga says:

        Oh. Too bad i wish i could go to Singapore sometime. By the way, do you have Facebook? can i add you as a friend?

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