My Vday 2012! ^-^

Look what I’m holding on!! It’s a cute UGLY DOLL!!
Personally not a soft toy person, but this is different as it is painstakingly sewn by THE BOYFRIEND as my V day gift. hehehe.

Not every year we get to spend the V day on the actual day. Usually we try to avoid the crowd but this year cos of schedules and all, we had to date on the very day itself.

I suggested singing as I really wanted to sing badly. lol.

Recently am in the mood to sing some emo songs. Usually I love to sing loud cherry dancing songs or raps. lol.

Prawn is so cute! He says he thinks this doll is very ugly.
But I think it’s cute!! I can feel the sincerity. Love handmade gifts. Actually a card will be good. Still waiting for his card. lalala.

Had a lovely evening at the kbox. Love his latest haircut!
I always think guys look good with fringe up. Clean.

Simple dinner after that. ^-^

While queuing up for food,

Prawn: Can I play with your phone?
Me: No! Only left with 48% batt. Later no batt.
Prawn: Pls .. still have 48% ma …
Me: Cannot! I want to take pictures one…
*starts cam-whoring*


Me, 小布 and Prawn .
Yay!! :>

My gift for him.
2 page Scrap art. All about being random. lol.

Nice?? Hehe.

V day is also our first date together! So kinda meaningful too!

he said he 3 days working on it. And the last day he stayed up till 5am to complete it!! *touched* 100% likes for the gift and effort.


7 thoughts on “My Vday 2012! ^-^

  1. Thats sooo sweeet. And the doll, i think its cute and very funny. Youre boyfriend must really love you so much because guys seldom do that, i mean, stitching a doll? thats waaay too tedious for some guys but your bf really took the time and effort. Youre a lucky girl.I think you two are a cute couple. More cheers and im wishing you two the best. BTW, i love your dress? where did you bought it? and what brand? i saw one exactly the same in PROMOD and Topshop.

    1. Hehe Thank You Cheryl. Yes he is very sweet! Been quite some time since he made something for me. And I’m quite shocked and impressed that he actually stitched a doll~ Thank you! I bought my dress in Singapore’s far east plaza. No brand. 🙂

      1. Oh. Too bad i wish i could go to Singapore sometime. By the way, do you have Facebook? can i add you as a friend?

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