Pearls can be your skincare best friend

Do you love pearls?

I do!
My friend does too!

Spot the pearls on us. Whether it is a pearl on my ring or a pearl necklace don on my friend, pearl is always a timeless accessories that exudes poise and elegance.

Legend has it that pearl necklaces must be worn regularly to maintain their unqiue aura. Without the skin, the dazzle of the pearl fades. And without the power of pearl, the skin loses its natural radiance. It is no wonder Guerlain researcbers has came up with a series of products based on this sacred relationship, that help to tackle pigmentation disorders, dark spots and loss of radiance.

So how?
They came up with a technology called the P.E.A.R.L Complex (Pearl Extract Activitiy on Skin Regulation and Luminosity).

I’m glad to be at the Guerlain Event to witness the power of their new series: Blanc de Pearl

Blanc de Pearl consists of
– Whitening Essence
– Whitening Treatment
– Whitening Roll-on Mask
– Double Action Spot Eraser (Whitening Pearl Perfection)
– UV Shield- Intense brightening SPF 50 PA+++
– Brightening Foundation: Moisture-Retention, Skin Refiner, SPF 20 PA++ (Liquid & Compact)
– Meteorites Perles Illuminating Powder

So that’s a whole lots of products!!
Let me talk about my favourite ones or rather the ones which I’m interested to try out the most..

Whitening Treatment
I’ve used all kinds of whitening essence, but definitely not a treatment that perfectly targets pigmentation disorders for 10 days non-stop. Besides it, what’s most interesting of it is that the the ultra-concentrated whitening active ingredients are trapped in an airtight cartridge, which will only be activated before the first use to offer the skin the extreme effectieness and freshness for 10 days.

Meteorites Perles Illuminating Powder- Pure radiance
Just looking at it, don’t you think this is super pretty?
So what it is actually? It is loose powder trapped in beautiful pearls.
The pearls come in subtle matt white, bluish white and rosy white variations so that each skin tone can transform the slightest ray of light into a beam of radiance.
Rosy White: Revives the freshness of the complexion
Bluish White: Corrects yellow skin tones
Pure White: Creates a halo of radiance and translucency

After application, your skin will look luminious, even, translucent and amazingly natural.

UV Shield- Intense Brightening SPF50 PA+++
As you all know I’m using Clarins sunblock currently. I love it because it’s slightly tinted and and it’s super light-weight. Same goes to the Guerlain’s sunscreen. It is also super light-weight and slightly tinted! It has two shades to cater to people with pink skintone and yellow skintone. Would love to try it some day.

Bloggers talking about their positive experiences with Guerlain products.
When I tried the products over their counter, the first thing that came to my mind was that they are not sticky and thick. You know how most whitening products tend to be sticky and thick? But Guerlain’s aren’t!

They are also rather moisturizing to my skin. After testing all the products on my left hand and left it there for hours, I noticed my left hand were brighter, radiant and moisturized as compared to my right hand!

Demonstrating the sequence of products usage…

And finally, these 3 pretty ladies here had a fashion makeover! Noticed the pearls used on them?

 Tips from the fashion stylist: Wearing pearl on a simple outfit can exude the elegance. But try not to wear pearls on a gown cos it might look old and mature. If you do buy faux perals, never settle for pure white pearls as they may look cheap. Look for pearls with a tinge of colours like pink.

So I hope I sparked your interest in checking out Guerlain’s products!
I feel that this is a brand worth checking out. ^^


**This is a blogger’s Event**
**I was sponsored Guerlain’s Whitening Essence which will be reviewed next time**


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