Recently, I was kinda hook to a FB app by Lancome.
Simply just upload a picture of yourself and dollify it! So cute!!
Best thing is that the dolls do resembles the real person in some ways ….

Here’s some variation of ME as a doll …

The cheerful me
(personally love this the most cos it looks like me!)

Me when I have curls …
I like how my eyes look side way and
love how I actually rock the ugly permed hair here. lol.
(That’s my twitter DP’s dollified version!)

The shy me …
Hmm… I selected the wrong face shape so doesn’t look so much like me…
But that’s the “me” most people would see.

Then, I began creating dolls for friends out of curiosity and fun. HAHA.

Me and my sister!
People always say we both look alike and damm, even when we are dolls, we look alike too! hahaha!
I find that the feel of the dolls are created very much like the real us!
Even though we may look alike, there are certain aura which we both display differently! I’m like more of the cutie pie while my sis has a miss-personality feel.

Then, I created my cousin (the one on the extreme left)!!
In my opinion, the doll REALLY LOOK LIKE HER!
Joanne the sweetie pie, sis the personality babe, and me the cutie pie.


Don’t you think so?!

And then, I created Ling also!
I think the eyebrow and the eyes part really look alike!

Like as if playing with the app is not enough, I printed the dolls out and made luggage tags for the two of my favourite girls’ birthday!

Front view of the tags …

Back view of the tags.

The girls with their tags …
Don’t you think the dolls look like them?

Haven’t been taking pictures recently, so I shall just throw in one picture that I’m in! lol.The time will come when you decide that picture taking shall be reserved for special occasions …
人老了就是这样子咯 。。。

I love my favourite girls…one of the the best thing that has happened to me.

PS: If you wish to play with the Lancome app, here’s the link:
Lancome FB app

Have fun!!


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