An affordable spa experience

Sponsored invitation

Hey peeps, yesterday was Feb 29th, the LEAP YEAR!
How did you all spend it?

It’d have been an ordinary day for me if not for Balik Kumpung‘s invitation to an afternoon of spa and facial. The manager was also generous enough to extend the invitation to one of my friend. And of course, I invited my boyfriend along! hehehe.

Balik Kampung”, which literally means “back to the village”, beckons patrons to leave their worries at the spa doors – an extension of security and warmth that a home exudes.

Located away from the buzzing city life and seated among old buildings and trees, this cosy neighbourhood spa aims to help you relax and unwind from the stress of city life.

Me at the doorstep, ready to enjoy the massage!

It is super cosy here and I feel at home with all the wooden furnishing around.

Their work area …

And their toilet! Simply love the environment there!

It’s different from the normal spas being posh looking … Balik Kumpung’s environment makes me feel  more relaxing and at ease.

*Different types of massaging oil*
I chose the second one

What we had was 60 mins aromatherapy massage, followed by 90 mins deluxe facial treatment –  BABOR Oxygen Energising Facial.

I love how meticulous they are in handling customers. We get to choose the type of oil, the type of massaging methods we want (fast or slow) and where we want our massages to focus on. Something which I’ve not experienced in my previous spa experiences.

I really don’t care how the therapists think the massages should be…what matters is how I want it to be. If I want it soft, then let me be. Been to places where they just put their whole strength on me that I teared throughout the process. Like I pay to make myself suffer.

So I really appreciate the little survey done BEFORE our massages.

The room is also dark enough to experience full relaxation there. *Thumbs up!*

The process of the whole massage is really soothing and relaxing. Love the way they handled me …. gentle yet forceful on the right spots!

And as for the BABOR Oxygen Energising Facial , the oxygen shower treatment aims to regenerate stressed and tired skin. Infuses pure, concentrated oxygen into the skin, revitalizing the cell functions for a fresh, radiant and rosy complexion! Products used are from Babor, Germany, which are used around the world’s top hotels.

There’s extractions and brows trimming … very important to me that shouldn’t be left out during facials. The extractions were tolerable and my brows are neatly trimmed too.

I also love the facial massages!

Felt so refreshing and revitalized after the whole session!

Quoting my boyfriend:

Thank you Balik Kumpung Spa for the great service this afternoon! Your hospitality and great service amazes me! It is really thoughtful for you guys to provide customizable massage patterns & aromatherapy oil suited to our needs. In summary … SHIOK AR. Rock on guys!

Here’s me looking refreshed, radiant and glowing the next day!!

If you would like an affordable spa experience, you really should try Balik Kumpung!

Join their FB page here today!

Location: 9 Chu Lin Rd, Singapore, Singapore 669899
Take bus 173 from Bukit Batok Int and alight at the 8th stop.


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