The good old days

Some time back, I received a parcel of some favourite toys of people in the olden days!

Can you recognize some of the toys here?
Marbles, kuti, paper ball etc …
I remembered playing with marbles and paper ball!

Nowadays little kids play with iphone and ipad. Gone were the days where kids would play with such toys. Sometimes I wonder if it is even healthy to let kids play with high technology since young. I remembered IT need to be taught in primary schools. I guess it’s the opposite now. Kids will tell you more than you know about IT.

Remember back then our soft drinks came in glass bottles instead of being in a can drink now? I love that glass bottle soft drinks! Feels more shiok drinking from it somehow .. lol.

Look what this is! Bottle caps of the soda glass bottles!

Are these really caps or?

Well, they are lip balms in 3 different flavours! Applying it will always make you reminisce the good old days. Great for collection too!

Which is your favourite soda drink?
I guess out of these 3, I love coke the most.
The coke flavoured lip balm taste more like it too!

Have you tried Fanta as well?

Here’s 3 Fanta flavoured drinks I tried; peach, grape and orange.
I love grape the most out of these 3.
Next time when I ran out of what to drink ideas(which I always do), I’ll remember to call for Fanta drink. : )

PS: Lip Smacker Sada-Pop cap is Exclusively available at selected Watsons SG
Price: SD$6.90 each



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