2012 Spring/Summer Makeup Trends

Just did some research and here’s putting together the makeup trends for 2012 spring/summer! And these are all my favourite makeup looks! Love Spring/Summer!

First up, the Candy Look.
Other than playing with your eyeshadow colours, this season’s candy look focus more on translucent skin. So ditch your cakey powder foundation and opt for BB cream or liquid foundation that can give you a glowy look. Use your highlighter to enhance your features!

Secondly, the monocolour look.
Notice all the pink hues on her?
You will look extremely adorable. But do be careful not to overdo it. Asians often look like their eyes are swollen when they put too much pink on their eyelids. Soften the pink by adding some warmth (brown hues) on the outer corner of your eye and your socket. Try a tint blusher for a natural soft look.

The third look, all natural and nude.
The key here is still having a porcelain skin in order to rock this look!
Opt for a lip colour with a tinge of pink and you won’t look all sickly and pale.

The forth look, be bold!
Play with eyeshadows and bold lips!
This is the season to play with colours; blue, pink, purple, green
If you dare, go out in both.
I love bold lips as long as I use a correct shade of red on my lips.

Last but not least, bold brows!
This season is all about thick full brows. Goodbye to constant trimmings.
You can also change your brow colours according to your hair shade with an eyebrow mascara!

So be experimental and fun with your makeup this spring/summer!


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