Anti-acne bundle kit: Dermaheal

Sponsored Review

Hello everybody!! I don’t know why this semester is like a killer! I am bombarded with never ending projects. Having project meetings almost every single day is killing me and causing outbreak on my skin! Boohoo.

Some time back, skinstreet sent me an anti-acne bundle that consists of Dermaheal Clean Pore Mask Pack and Dermaheal DeaKni.

Wait wait…never heard of Dermaheal?

Dermaheal provides high quality cosmeceutical products and is a well-known recognized brand in the market.

There are many ranges of products that Dermaheal provides. One of which is for people with Acne.

This mask sheet contains anti-acne complex with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. Helps soothes your skin trouble and balances skin tone.

The mask is relatively big for my skin and it doesn’t adhere to my skin well. But this mask totally fits my boyfriend’s face. Guess his face is much bigger! haha!
However, I find the mask effective in making my pores feel clean and tight. My skin also does look brighter after use.

Normally for pore cleaning and tightening I would use a Clay Mask but Clay Mask can be a tad messy to clean. I find this mask a good option when I feel lazy about masking and cleaning up clay mask. So far, I’ve already used up 4 sheets!

This product contains anti-acne complex and has useful effects to prevent bacterial disease. Skin texture is remodeled through epidermal cell proliferation, collagen and elastin synthesis.


Apply small amount on target area and gently pat until it is absorbed.
Use every morning and night.

This product dispenses out as a gel form and became watery when spread. It is easily absorbed as well.

I find this less harsh than pimple cream as it doesn’t dry up the pimples. Somehow this product can help to heal my pimple wound. I’m not very sure if it does help to prevent pimples since I don’t use it everyday.

If you are interested in getting this bundle kit, click the link here. I think it’s worth a try, especially the mask. 🙂


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