Hello everybody…

Hello everybody.
It seems like I’ve been neglecting this space and haven’t been able to update regularly. I know I used to blog like almost everyday but now it seems like updates only come once every 3 or 4 days?

I have been extremely busy with school till the the point that I’ve to go for project meetings almost every single day including the weekends. I wish I have more time to sit down and blog but the fact is I don’t even have the proper time to rest.

Sometimes I feel rather guilty as I have lots to post and it seems that I cannot catch up with it. *Sigh.
Even time spent with my loved ones are reduced significantly. I wish for everything to end soon. I wish for a peaceful day where I can just sit on the sofa and do nothing. Like really do nothing. I wish for a day where I can wake up naturally without depending on the alarm clock. I wish for a day where I can have total relaxation without worrying about anything.

Why has life become so busy all of a sudden?
What happened to the joy of learning?
This semester has been such a stressful one. I feel like I could tear my hair apart anytime. I’m like a time bomb, any minute, any slightest thing may just cause an explosion.

If you are still visiting this space regularly, I really thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Cos without you readers, I doubt I even have the motivation to continue blogging. : )
Meanwhile, you can always “follow me” to get new updates whenever I post a new entry so you don’t have to make a wasted trip.

I promise I will try to update as much as I can okay!
Coming up next will be
Cataphill New Moisturizer
Tsubaki Shampoo Launch
Sasatine makeup products
Curel products

Phew! That’s ALOT. Hokay, need time to sit down and type a proper review.
Thanks for visiting peeps!

With love,
Vivi ❤


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