Beautiful hair starts from within

Last week I attended Tsubaki Gold Head Spa Series launch over at Shiseido’s office.

Unlike many shampoo that contains silicone inside to create a smooth feeling on your hair, this gold series contains nourishing essential oils instead that can help to regain lustre and shine of your hair.  At the same time, it also gives your scalp a thorough clean without stripping away the hair’s natural moisture. This is especially recommended for people who wants moisture in their hair yet a lighter formula that doesn’t clog the scalp and cause itchiness.

The range includes

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Extra Cleansing (Meant to be used once a week for deep cleansing. Can be drying though)
  • The Massage Spa Mask

Saw many familiar faces while I was there! ^-^

Xinyi whom I met from Aqualabel’s competition!

Pretty Xiao Xin and Wendy Ashley from Myfatpocket!

First time meeting Wendy and she’s like so gyaru and Japanese looking!

And of course the friendly pretty Irene whom I met from Kiss Jane’s event for the first time!

Tsubaki Gold Head Spa series focus on healthy scalp, the foundation of having beautiful hair. They say beauty starts from within, and so do hair care.
Try it and let me know what you think.^^


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