The end of my IPL ~

Remember the other time I blogged about my upper lip hair removal? I’m going to have my last session very soon and that’s it!!!!! After 12 sessions, I’m finally freed from unglam upper lip hair! Most areas are hairless now except for a few baby hair which is alright for me.

This must be one of the best thing I ever did to myself!

Just to answer two questions regarding IPL.

1. How many sessions are needed?
It really depends on individual. Some may get it done in 7 or 8 sessions while others (like me) take longer time and may go up to 12 to 14 sessions spreading over a year’s time.

2. Is it really painless?
For the first few times, yes it is totally painless. But subsequently, they are gonna increase the frequency of the machine to target baby hair so it might hurt a bit. But don’t worry, it’ll be bearable. On days during/before/after period, it may also hurt more due to hormonal changes.

Let me know if there’s any other questions you wish to know regarding IPL.
I’m really happy that I went for this! Nothing beats having hairless upper lip. lol.


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