Skincare for dehyrated and sensitive skin (Highly recommended)

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Hello everybardy! It’s been very long since I last introduce any skincare products.
But today I’m really excited to share what I’ve been using for the past few days cos I really LOVE IT.
You know how some products give me an OK feeling; not bad but not really that good till the extend that I may repurchase again. But this time round, this is a mega LOVE!

It’s the brand CUREL.

I read that in Japan, this brand is really popular! Why? Simply because it’s not only effective but also very affordable!

Curel for who?
Curel is especially for dehydrated and sensitive skin.
It contains no alcohol, no fragrance, hypoallergenic, colorant-free, pH balanced and is clinically tested on sensitive skin (BIG PLUS POINTS). Based on the study conducted by Kao in Japan, Curel series helps you to improve dry, dehydrated and flaky skin problems significantly*.

What can Curel do?
Curel skin care protects the function of ceramide, our skin’s natural moisturizing ingredient, during cleansing and replenishes ceramide and helps retain moisture. Formulated with ceramide functioning ingredient, Curel helps to boost the concentration of moisture in skin, so skin becomes more resistant to external irritation.
You can see the difference after 2 weeks usage**

I wana let you know how awesome their Makeup Cleansing Gel is !

I’ve tried all sort of makeup removal and have since then started using Fancl’s. But sometimes Fancl can be a tad too expensive to keep up. I wanted something that could cleanse equally well without the heavy price tag on days when I have really minimum makeup. Don’t wana use up my Fancl cleansing oil that fast!

It’s rare to see makeup removal in a gel form …

This is how it looks like when I spread it out.
I use it on days when I only have sunblock and a little concealor/blusher on (which is almost everyday. lol.) It perfectly removes my base makeup thoroughly without any dryness. Eye makeup may take a slightly longer time but it is still able to remove my eyeliner and eyeshadow.

Most importantly I love the clean feeling which I got when using this makeup removal gel. My skin also feel soft immediately!

The next favourite item would definitely be their Moisture Face Milk.
This is their moisturizer which is perfect for combination skin.

It dispenses out as a liquid cream …. I thought it might be too rich for my skin at first but boy was I wrong!

It turns into liquid immediately when I massaged it onto my skin and it is very easily absorbed!

The finish is a matte and non-greasy one which I love so much!! You can also feel the skin more moisturized and healthy thereafter.

They also have a foaming cleanser but I think this is pretty normal.
It doesn’t give any dry feeling either but I’m just not a fan of foaming cleanser.

I love the packaging of their items! All pumps or tube type which makes it less easy to be contaminated.

After using this series for a few days time (not even a week), I noticed my skin is more moisturized and my pores seem to get smaller as well! I love this range and would really recommend this to combination-oily skin which is dehydrated at the same time. In fact I’m going to purchase the makeup removal gel and the moisture face milk soon! The only downside? It contains Paraben though it’s the last ingredient of the list so I’m pretty ok with it.


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