My NEW skincare routine

Haven’t updated my skincare routine for a really long time. Decided to update today since I pretty much changed most of the items I used to use.

Toner: Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray
I decided that a spray works as a relatively good toner in my case as it helps to soothe my skin and calm down redness. It isn’t harsh and doesn’t contains alcohol. So I’m all love for it!

Serums: Loreal Youth Code Essence + Loreal Revital Lift White
This both items are pretty much used up, especially the youth code essence. So you can really tell how much I love these serums. The youth code essence has made my skin smoother and softer and has also made my anti-ageing + whitening essence work doubly hard. The Revital Lift White essence also made my spots lighter and heal my acne scars faster. I only use it on affected areas. I love them for the price. I think I’m gonna purchase it again and again till I can find a better one.

Day Time Moisturizer: Biotherm Aquasource Skin Perfection
Actually I only just purchased this today so I’m not in a position to give a review.
I’ve been using Clinique’s dramatically different moisturizing gel for a year and it has served me pretty well. The reason for the change? Nothing. Just feel like changing. lol.

Night Time Moisturizer: Curel Moisture Face Milk
This was reviewed and raved about previously. Due to its slight creamy lotion texture, I decided that this would serve as a night time moisturizer for me. And at the same time it isn’t heavy, so I do not sleep with a shiny face. This was the trial size and I’m definitely going to purchase the full size! It’s very hydrating for me and my pores are smaller because of this.

Sunscreen: Clarins
Guess I don’t have to say much? I’m still using this sunscreen so for the price, I would like to say it’s worth it? Definitely purchasing it again.


My skincare routine is pretty simple…For my combination skin/dehydrated skin, I focus on hydration and whitening on targeted spots. Because I strongly believe that only with ample amount of hydration,  my skin will then be more balanced.

Oh and when I have products to review, I usually stop my current skincare for a few days and try out the new products. If I love it and think it’s better than my current one, I will ditched my old products for that. But if I don’t, I’ll be back to my own products. Heh Heh …just in case u are wondering.

I have an upcoming review on Cataphil’s new moisturizer though. So for those interested, do stay tune!


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