Be Discovered for a Brighter, Whiter Smile

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Brushing your teeth should be something you do at least twice a day without fail.
Just like our skin, our teeth need to be cleanse with a good toothpaste!

I’ve been using Darlie’s toothpaste since I knew brushing and it has been my favourite brand. No other brand has yet to replace Darlie in my heart!

I’ve been sent 5 tubes of Darlie’s new toothpaste in 5 variants –  Lime  Mint, Apple  Mint, Mineral  Salt,  Enamel  Care and All  Shiny  White .
available  at  all supermarkets. (retails at $3.15)

Darlie’s new toothpaste promises to make your teeth whiter in just 14 days!
wow…sounds amazing. I’ve yet to use them for 14 days to see the effect though.

Among them, I started trying out Apple Mint first as it sounds really yummy!

The apple mint is refreshing with a tinge of apple smell and I love it! There’s also lots of foam which makes brushing easier. I hate toothpaste that doesn’t foam!

The Enamel Care darlie toothpaste is also one that you ought to have a try!

Enamel is a thin outer covering of your tooth.
It protects your teeth from daily chewing, biting and grinding.
When acid wears away the enamel of your teeth, tooth erosion can happen.
Acid such as fruit drinks, dry mouth, medication and other diets may cause the wearing of enamel.

Darlie All Shiny White (Enamel Care), on top of the 14-day whitening efficacy, is enhanced with an Enamel Care formulation.

 45% more Enamel Protection that helps to strengthen enamel via re-mineralization. It acts as a protective shield to prevent enamel from wearing down.

I may not have the perfect straight teeth but that doesn’t stop me from smiling! So long as my teeth are clean, why not?! It’s okay not to be perfect. Embrace it because that’s what makes you YOU. : )

Watch the TVC that will run on Channel 8, U and 5! Her teeth is so shiny white!

As Academy Fantasia – a premier program that has garnered great viewership and captured the hearts of audiences around the region – begins its search for the next “shiny” star, Darlie is excited to be a part of the action. Darlie strongly believes that everyone should strive to be discovered for their inner hidden gems, which is also what Academy Fantasia is all about.
A brighter white smile will definitely go a long way in boosting the confidence of the contestants while they showcase their talents on the battlegrounds of Academy Fantasia. Thus, with the same belief in bringing out “something” special in you to be discovered – Darlie believes it’s truly the time for you to shine!

Look out for Darlie All Shiny White’s ‘Be Discovered’ campaign in April, which is an integrated communications program that will showcase a new and captivating television commercial and out-of-home displays. Simply grab Darlie All Shiny White in the retail stores and be on your way to a brighter, whiter smile in just 14 days! What’s more, be discovered by our very own Darlie’s Angels to find yourself pleasantly surprised with a mystery gift!

[UPDATE: Spot Darlie Angel at these locations and win attractive prizes! ]

21-22 Apr: FAirPrice Xtra AMK, FairPrice Xtra Hougang Pt, FairPrice Woodlands Civic

28-29 Apr: FairPrice Xtra Nex, FairPrice Bedok A, FairPrice Tiong Bahru Hub


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