Our FIFTH YEAR!!!! *pops champange*

So it’s been a good 5 years since Prawn and I got together.
So much has happened throughout the 5 years. I’ve seen him through the poly days till the time he graduated and entered Army. And now the Army phase for him is over, it’s gonna be a new beginning all over again. He too, have seen me graduated from Poly and entered University.
We have spent years together loving each other, learning how to give and take love. We have spent time away from each other, missing each other. We have spent time quarreling, but each time we ended up loving each other more.

Love is not an easy journey and we all have our fair share of pain and joy. Every year when I sit down to pen my feelings on this relationship, I find myself not knowing what to write as years go by. Perhaps I’m so used to having him by my side, taking care of me and doting me. Or perhaps our relationship has gone to a level where words doesn’t matter anymore.

Here, I’m digging pictures of us 5 years back. HAHA!

Looking back at those silly photos, I can’t help but say it’s a nice feeling to have someone growing up with you.

I may not be the most perfect girlfriend in the world, but I must say I’ve been me, truly me in this relationship. Now honestly, that’s what needed isn’t it? To be us.
(To Prawn *inside joke: 不是那种100%假假的。=p)

Even though you annoy me at times when you fart, when you take such long time in the toilet …. and even though I annoy you when I keep buying bags, but deep inside we know we have long accept each other for who we are.

But then again, somehow I’m missing the days when we first met, when we first spoke to each other in front of the whole lecture hall, exchange mails via friendster, talk on msn, tease each other, when you first date me out,  and our first hug and kiss.

It’s easy to take things for granted as time goes. But I really hope  we will be still be as appreciate as we are now. I get upset by many failed relationship examples around me. I want things to be as pure and as simple as it first started.

I love your humor
I love your patience
I love it when I’m such a small little girl whom you could easily wrap around
I love it when you worry about me when I’m sick
And I love you for who you are.

I love us being together!


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