Laneige’s New Store Opening

Was invited to Laneige’s new store at J cube. If you don’t already know, Jcube is easily accessible by MRT at Jurong East Station.
More Laneige stores for people at the West to shop at now. : )

And I love their sleeping pack & water bank essence! You should try it.

The bloggers who were there … Chantana, my sis (Valerie) and Charlene!

They invited an artist to draw a caricature for us.

And also paper cutting … wooo!

The end product for my sis and me! HAHA! So cute lah. Look at our cut-outs, it’s like exactly the same!!

Celebrity Makeup Artist from Korea Mr Park Min Hyuk came down all the way and demonstrated a look for us ..

The end result of the model! Woo, love that flawless skin he created.

He’s using Snow BB Soothing Cushion on the model.

Yes…and it’s BB cream in the sponge! I don’t really know how this works but it seems like it is able to create a flawless canvas on the model.

This is their Snow BB cream.

The swatch … it has a pinkish undertone to it which I love.

The finishing is pretty natural!

Here’s a promotion for you to check out. : )

**This is an invite-only event**


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