Highly recommended drugstore sunscreen


These days, the sun has not been showing mercy.
The weather is so hot and humid and the sun is like crazy! I fear that I may even turn a shade darker or two soon!

Sunscreen is always my best friend and I’m always searching for the best sunscreen in the market. Currently I’m using Clarins’s HP sunscreen which I love so much … it’ll be hard for me to find another product to beat that!

Here’s introducing you to another lightweight sunscreen in the market — Hada Labo’s SHA moisturizing UV milk .

Chio or not my picture? HAHA! Since exams are over for me, I can have all the time in the world to take pretty pictures of products now. ^^

This sunscreen provides maximum protection against UVA and UVB rays! SPF50+ PA+++
So this is definitely a plus point over the Clarins’ sunscreen which only provides SPF40 PA+++.

This is what the sunscreen claims to do …
One point to highlight: this product is free of fragrances, mineral oil, alcohol and colorant! Something which I prefer to have in a sunscreen….something perfect for the sensitive skin out there.

Runny texture which is easily absorbed by the skin!
Love it!

Also, I noticed there’s no shine nor white cast on the skin after applying!

My take on this product:
I think this is an awesome product. It doesn’t leave my skin greasy looking and it isn’t sticky. It also creates a smooth canvas so that my foundation can glide on easily. Gives maximum protection without being thick and ghostly looking on the skin. And it is so affordable!! All in all thumbs up for this product!

Price: $19.90 (Sold exclusively in Watsons)
Also, do remember to join Hada Labo’s FB page here to participate in upcoming free sampling campaign and giveaways.


7 thoughts on “Highly recommended drugstore sunscreen

    1. For Clarins, I like it that it is tinted. So on days when I don’t wear makeup but still wants to look radiant, I would definitely choose Clarins over Hada Labo’s. Both works pretty fine but Clarins is said to be anti-pollution though!

  1. Hihi! Just to check with you, this product can be used as a moisturiser too right? Is it suitable for people with oily+combi skin? Many thanks 🙂

    1. Hey, i would still recommend people not to skip their moisturizer. Yes this is suitable for people with combi skin like me. ^^

  2. Hi. I just wanna share with you a beauty blogger actually gave me an Obagi C-Sunguard Sunblock and the bad thing about it is that it’s expired!The expiration date is 02/2012.And i really dont know why she has the knack of giving expired beauty products. And good thing i checked on the expiration date before using it but someone told me its ok to use if its just 1 to 2 months expited? how true is that? ever since then, i dont follow her blog anymore.

    1. Oh dear that sounds bad. It’s probably the blogger’s fault for not double checking. I will remember to check mine in the future. Thank you so much for reminding. 🙂

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