New Haircut! ^^

Hello everybardy, I just went from …

Long, unkempt straight cut hair that has to be tied up most of the time to …

Shorter layered hair! Woohoo~! hahaha!
Cam-whoring because you always looked perfect straight after a visit to your hairdresser’s.

Have been wanting to chop layers in my hair for the longest time and finally had the time to do so! My hair is at least 2 inches shorter. Just show my hairdresser a picture of a haircut in mind and immediately she’s able to do it!

Went for dinner with my friends on the same day. Heh. šŸ™‚

Really don’t want to wash my hair as I know my hair will not be perfect after a wash. lol.

On the next day I managed to tame my hair by myself and prevent it from looking too poofy and frizzy BY A LITTLE.

Was on the way to Jurong Point’s GV as sis had gotten a pair of tickets (The Avengers) from Omy.

JP’s GV just opened! It just gets better! lol.
The Omy team wanted all of the bloggers and friends to say this line together with Auntie Lucy so that they could film it. And on another random note, I really love my new tote. lolol.

Inside the cinema with the new seats which I don’t really like. But but the space is definitely more spacious than before!

Last picture of me and my sis.

Now I really need to de-frizz my hair by doing Keratin Hair Treatment.
Got the groupon voucher some time back. It’s time for me to use it!
Will tell you more about the treatment when I’m done.

Now I have many more blog posts to go that shows my before haircut though. lol


2 thoughts on “New Haircut! ^^

  1. I like this hair style, esp the one of your profile picture. Would you recommend this hairdresser to me if I want to get this hair cut? Thanks a lot!

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