My hair is now FRIZZ-FREE

Judging from the above picture you can tell how badly damaged my hair is. I mean my hair structure belongs to the thick and frizzy group in the first place but I made it worse by giving it lots of chemical “treatments”.

I dyed my hair countless times, permed my hair twice and rebonded my hair once. My hair cried for help when I decided to highlight my hair (hair colour as light as bleach) and went for soft rebonding. The ends were totally fried and I had friends telling me that my hair is spoiled!!! Really depressing moment for me.

I tried to get my hair back in shape and kept trimming my dead hair ends away. But there’s only this much that I can do. I wanted a quick solution to my problem and found out about Keratin Hair Treatment!

It’s a hair treatment that infuses your hair strands with lots of Keratin (a protein found in hair) so that your hair can once again become smooth and frizz-free. But this treatment is freaking expensive, it cost from $300 – $500 and it only last from 3 to 5 months. Imagine the struggle in me deciding if I should just burn a hole in my pocket for the sake of beautiful hair.

I then told my boyfriend about it and he said he saw Groupon offering it at a cheaper price. I immediately went to purchase it!! It’s $180 instead of the usual $550!! I TOLD MYSELF I HAD TO GET IT

I finally went to do it a few days back. The whole treatment process took about 4 hours but I was prepared for it so the time didn’t bothers me much.


1. This is not a chemical treatment. It does not do damage to your hair like rebonding. It contains all the ingredients good for your hair!

2. Always check if it is Formaldehyde free. Cos apparently breathing in too much of Formaldehyde may cause cancer and it may be irritating to your eyes during the process.

3. This is NOT HAIR REBONDING; please do not expect pin straight hair from this hair treatment. It is only a hair treatment that leaves hair straighter and smoother and frizz free. If you have curls, most likely you will still have the curls except that it is gonna be FRIZZ FREE! How awesome?!

4. After-care is very important. You have to use shampoos and conditioner which is SLS and sodium free as these will strip off the keratin faster than usual.

This is the application process of mine …

And viola!! This is how my hair turns out after the treatment. LOOK AT THAT AMOUNT OF SHINE! I’ve never seen my hair so beautiful before that I’m gonna cry!! šŸ˜„

My hair is so sleek and smooth! The sleekness is due to the flat-ironing done. They had to flat-iron my hair to seal the keratin in.

Just look at the vast difference in my hair’s quality!!

I had to leave my hair as it is for 48 hours. No washing of hair for 48 hours which meant my hair is gonna get really greasy!

Here’s a picture one day before I get to wash my hair. lol.

Here’s my hair AFTER THE FIRST WASH!!
It is so NATURALLY STRAIGHT with slight wave and my hair is FRIZZ FREE!! OMG. IT is so smooth that I have to kept touching my hair!! I want to cry again! lol.

How do you like this naturally straight hair?? I LOVE IT PERSONALLY!

I still cannot believe that this is my hair!! If you want pin straight hair, you can still run your flat iron over it. I haven’t tried it yet but it should be fine! Do remember not to overload your hair with products in the first week as your hair is still quite heavy from the Keratin.

Here’s the side by side comparison.

I think I did a good deed to my hair. lol. I seriously can’t even contain my excitement! I bet you can feel it just from reading it! LOL.

If you have frizzy hair like I do and wanted to have an easier time managing your hair, I strongly recommend this treatment!

I will share with you some of the products I’m using now in another entry and also, I’ll keep updating about the progress of my hair after a month’s time! : )

*The name of this treatment is called Keratherapy


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