Organic Soya Porridge!

I was going for my facial along with my sister today and we decided to leave the home early to have our lunch at Tanjong Pagar. While we were waiting for the traffic light to turn green, we spotted this little cafe named O’Bean.

The space was pretty cramp and small but we were quite excited to try out the food there as it states that they uses Organic Soya Bean which is high in protein and rich in calcium!

According to them, O’Bean is the only organic soya drink store in Singapore!

Most importantly we were attracted to this special dish – Soya Porridge with Peanuts/century eggs.

Now this is really something special. I have never ever tasted any dish called the Soya Porridge. I really wondered if it the porridge will turn out to be as smooth as soya or does it taste like soya?

Both my sis and I decided to order a small bowl of the Soya Porridge with Peanuts each, along with some side dishes. (Oh I LOVE PEANUTS A LOT. )

Judging from the picture, you can tell how smooth the porridge is. It literally melts in the mouth! I really like this unique taste of the porridge…it seems to be cooked with soya milk? I’m not too sure but it does taste a wee bit like the soya milk. I didn’t even add any soya sauce to it and it taste just as great!

Unfortunately, I wish some minced meat can be added into the porridge. It does seem a little boring with just porridge and peanuts and quite hefty for a price of $3.
Nonetheless, I would recommend people to try out just for the novelty’s sake!

I saw people having their soya bean curd and it really looks SUPER SMOOTH!! I would wish to try out their bean curd some day and see if it is comparable to the famous Lao Ban Dou Hua. : )

O’bean Tanjong Pagar (newly opened!)
1 Tras Link #01-06
Singapore 078867



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