Kila Kila Stay Kila with Kila Doll Mask!


Today’s Mother’s Day! So I hereby wish all mother a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! 😀
And I personally feels that everyday should be a Mother’s Day, treat your mum well everyday!

Anw, today I would like to introduce Kila Doll’s Face masks for all the ladies out there. This brand is from Taiwan, specially designed for all Asians. Kila means pretty & shiny in Japanese, in hope that when you use their mask, you will shine like a Kila Doll.

Kila Doll prides itself as a superior quality product with an affordable price, which allows you to use it as a daily, beauty care regime. 

Kila Doll Masks leaves your face feeling clear and hydrated. Say hello to a fairer and healthy looking skin!

Don’t you think the packaging is really cute??!

Very generous of them to give so many masks to try! These are only part of the collection I have now. lol.

I was given 4 different type of masks to try …

Use this Tranexamic Acid Mask for intensive whitening, evens skin tone and spot lightening.

I need this mask especially during the summer months where the sun is horrible!! My skin can get uneven coloration easily!

The Diamond Platinum Mask is good for Intensive Anti-aging, Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles.

I think it’s fine for a 23 year old to start anti-aging soon.

The Hyaluronic Acid Mask should be used for Intensive moisturizing and brightening.

It’s very important for all skin types to provide moisture to the skin. With enough moisture, oil produced will be reduced greatly and skin feels plump and smooth. Makeup application will be less blotchy too!

This is definitely one of the mask which I’ll reach out often.

The Rose Moisturizing Mask is for Intensive moisturizing and brightening of dull skin.

I’ve been trying out this mask lately and I really love it. The effect is instantaneous and it leaves my skin well moisturized the very next day.

The mask is full of the essence!!

I like the material used for this mask. It is made from 100% silk wood pulp fiber.
It isn’t flimsy and does not tear apart easily. One factor which I always prefer to have in a mask.

However, you can most probably tell that the nose area doesn’t fit very well. But it’s okay for me, as long as the mask adheres to the skin closely and does not fall out.

Kila doll mask leaves my skin bright and moisturized! No base makeup here!

Makeup glides on smoothly thereafter too! I’ll definitely repurchase again!

Price and availability
$13.90/box (One box contains 10 masks!)

Watsons (available only in boxes)
Hyaluronic Acid Mask, Diamond Platinum Mask,Rose Moisturizing Mask,Tranexamic Acid Mask
Hyaluronic Acid Mask, Diamond Platinum Mask, Rose Moisturizing Mask, Tranexamic Acid Mask, Sakura Mask,Placenta Mask,Red Wine Mask

BHG / Pink Beauty
Hyaluronic Acid Mask, Diamond Platinum Mask, Rose Moisturizing Mask, Tranexamic Acid Mask, Sakura Mask,Placenta Mask,Red Wine Mask, Pearl Mask, Licorice Mask


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