LOTD: To K-Singing with Friends!

Hey everyone, wanna show you my OTD!
Went K singing with my friends today. ^^

I’m wearing this black chiffon top and a stripey bandage skirt.
I love the collar details of this chiffon top and I find it to be rather unique! Because of the unique collar detail, I don’t find a need to wear any necklace. So I’m just keeping it simple with a bracelet and earrings which you can’t see here.
It looks quite classy when I don’t tuck the shirt in. They are all thrift buys from Bugis Street and Cotton On.

As for my makeup, I’m keeping the look classy by using my all time favourite Guerlain Lipstick in Rouge. For the eyes, I emphasize on just natural long lashes using Mascara.  For base makeup, I’m using Laneige’s Snow BB cushion which I introduced previously. Couldn’t resist so I bought one to try!

This compact BB is really fun to try and it gives a cooling feeling on the skin when applied. This is said to reduce the temperature on our skin for better application.
It has medium coverage which can turn blotchy when applied too much. The trick is to apply it in little amount and layer it when needed. Also, patting motion is advised when using this BB cream. It gives a glowy skin texture after application which I love so much! Now you know how Koreans get their glowy skin. haha!

The lightest shade is also slightly darker than my original’s skin tone but I’m okay with it as long as I don’t look too weird. So far, I think I look good in pictures when using this BB cream!

Below are just some photos of my friends and me! ^^

On side note, some youtubers are really cute!! I really love some of them and admire their youtubing skills. Like how they can stand in front of the camera and talk to the camera as if the camera’s their friends. lol. IF ONLY I’m vocal enough, I’ll try to make more videos.


5 thoughts on “LOTD: To K-Singing with Friends!

    1. Hehe Thank you so much!! I love my hair now too!! Didn’t think I can have such easy time managing it. A pity it doesn’t last forever. haha!

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