How I clean my brushes

I’ve been hesitating on whether I should post this up. But there are a few readers who requested me to do a tutorial on how I clean my brushes. Now, I wouldn’t say that this is a tutorial because I don’t think I’m doing it in a very correct way. But this is just how I wash my brushes and it works fine for me, so yup!


First of all, I would soak all my brushes and sponges into a small tub of water in hoping to get rid of some residues and dirt off the brushes.

Next I would use a detergent … in this case I’m using a oil-based makeup removal to do the job. You can choose to buy a brush cleanser, but in my opinion there’s no need to spend money on this. Just use any makeup removal will do. I’m using this Hada Labo’s oil cleanser just because I didn’t want to waste it.

Pour some onto your palm ..

And swirl the brushes onto the makeup removal. Squeeze the brush to get rid of all the ugly stuff on the brushes. Repeat this step for every brushes.

Soak all the brushes again onto the tub of water (clean water). Swirl the brushes and get rid of the makeup removal.

Run the brushes under the tap to clean the brushes thoroughly and make sure all the makeup removal are gone.

Squeeze dry and use a brush guard to keep the hair of the brushes in place.  Lay it out and let it air dry.

I normally clean my brushes once a month. It’s quite gross actually but I simply have no time to wash my brushes at times. Opps.

What about you? How do you clean your brushes and how often do you do so?


2 thoughts on “How I clean my brushes

  1. Hi! Just a suggestion to you that please dont let the water touch the part between the bristles and the handle (sorry, I dont know what’s the teachnical name of that) because this is the place where the manufactures place the glue to hold the bristles in place. If you let water touch the glue, the lifespan of the brushes will be reduced. No offense :X by the way, please do a what’s in my bag tag… 🙂

    1. Hey I’ve heard about that! I just can’t be bothered to do so cos I’m using cheap brushes. But it’s a great tip! ^^ Okay I will keep the what’s in my bag tag in mind!

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