Something kawaii to share!

If you have noticed, part of my background is now in Teal colour! This is in conjunction with Postively Teal Ovarian Cancer Awareness Campaign. I will share with you ladies soon! But today I have something exciting to share!


It’s some makeup belonging to an animal who is as tall as 5 apples and live in London. She adores Paris, fashion and refinement!
Can you guess who?

Now honestly I’m no hello kitty fan but just feeling excited cos I know many people who love hello kitty to death!

Today I’m pleased to share with you the ever-popular Hello Kitty Diamond Gloss!

So if you are a kitty fan, you shouldn’t miss this out!

It comes in 7 delicious cocktail flavours and I was given these 3: Big Apple, Eau de coco and Lemon Incest!

If I were a kitty fan, I would collect them all. Cos the colours look so vibrant and gorgeous!

Roll on glosses makes application a breeze!

Here is how the gloss looks like on me without any lipstick. The glosses are transparent and it makes my lips look smoother!

My personal favourite out of these 3 would be the Lemon Incest. It tastes and smells a little like lemon candies. The gloss is not sticky so you don’t have to worry about hair sticking to your lip!

Availability: Sold exclusively at Watsons for $12.90!


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