Pigging out

Hello everyone! Recently I’ve been busy pigging out! =p
Went to two eateries with friends recently and therefore I’m gonna spam you with pictures of FOOD. HAHA.

The Handburger

Battered Dory Fish Set

This burger is really yummy! It’s our favourite!

Caesar Chicken Burger Set

Although I’ve heard about The Handburger for a couple of times, I’ve never ever been there for a meal before. The serving is HUGE and I was super full thereafter. The burger is crispy enough for my liking and the side dishes like the salad and fries were good as well! Knives were given for you to cut the burger. It can get quite messy eating and cutting the burger. lol.

So here’s a picture of me before I pig out. :p

And the meal was made cheaper because of PL’s sister’s membership card. ^^

The Handburger is located at 313 Somerset.

Full House Korean Restaurant

Recently I’ve taken a liking towards Korean food! I love Korean BBQ, kimchi soup and my all time favourite side dishes!! I love the huge bean sprouts the most!!! It’s so yumms!

Here’s our huge hot pot of kimchi soup for $35. There’s kimchi, beancurds, pork, mushrooms and a lot more others in it!


Mega huge. lol

I really love it! This restaurant is opened by Koreans so you can expect authentic korean food here!

And we also ordered this kimchi pancake to share. I’m quite adventurous so when my friend said it’s good, I had to try!! And it didn’t disappoint me! It’s indeed YUMMY! I love the kimchi’s taste in it. It taste a little like roti prata though. HAHA!

Most importantly, this place serves free flow side dishes and it’s free! Not bad huh?

Unfortunately this place can be quite inaccessible especially when I live in the West side of Singapore.

336 Tanjong Katong Road Singapore 437109

Ending off with a group shot! ^^


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