OOTD: Girly Casual

I attended Heroine Make Blogger’s Princess Ball today … so here’s some pictures showcasing my OOTD. ^^

Both shirt and shorts are from Cotton On. ^^  Just “like” their FB page and get 10% off regular items. They are having sale now, so most of the items are quite cheap!

This pair of shoes from Mitju has been worn by me over and over again. It’s so comfy! However, I’m still shorter than my sister after wearing this pair of heels. lol. But over the years, I’ve grown to accept my height. lol. I think it’s cute to be 1.53m. lolol.

I don’t know how some bloggers can take OOTD outside! It’s like so weird! I only took it cos I think the background looks nice. lol.

I went home to snap somemore!

This is the collar I’m wearing which many complimented it’s very nice! TANK YOU PEI LING for this collar! Love it! ❤

And my floral earrings from Aries.

My real vintage watch from Mum! It’s has been around for 20 plus years already just that mum didn’t wear it when dad bought it for her long long time ago. 10 years ago mum wanted to give me but I was too young for it! But now, it’s TIME TO ACCEPT IT! lol. I was so glad that it’s still working fine. It’s soooo pretty!

I need to hang some paintings on my wall! lol. #random

Check out my vavavoom lashes!!! And it’s my REAL LASHES. Heroine’s eye products are awesome! I will share with you in another post! Hehe.


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