How to use Gmarket/Qoo10 to shop?

When it comes to online shopping, everyone wants CHEAP and GOOD stuff WITHOUT STEPPING OUT OF THE DOOR. That’s my main reason why I shop online.
Most online blogshops in Singapore sell dresses at the range of $25 to $30. But I can find dresses at the range of $10 to $15 online!!

Where?! GMARKET! (now known as Qoo10, pronounced as Q10)

In fact, I just purchased two dresses at a total cost of $30 including postage. I would definitely share about my purchases when they arrive in my mailbox. Heh, so excited.

But it has occurred to me that not everyone knows how to shop at Gmarket/Qoo10. The site can be rather messy for first time users. But once you get used to it, it’s like heaven. You can get anything and everything from there, including pots and pans! lolol.

So here’s putting together a tutorial on how to use Gmarket/Qoo10!

1. Log on to OR

You’ll get to this page immediately. Now, don’t get freak out. lolol.

2. Have what you want to buy in mind, or you can just do random shopping.

See the search bar that’s being boxed in red? If you know what you want to buy, type and search.

They also have various categories for you to shop for … click the one that best interest you.

3. Let’s click on Fashion and Clothing as an example!

There are even more sub-categories to choose from! Let’s click dresses!

4. Here is where you get an idea of most of the shops which you can shop at.

The first 3 coloumns are Today’s Special, Deal Plus and Category Best Seller.

As you scroll down, you see more shops! You don’t have to look at the price stated there; it is not the price for all their items. But, you can check out Ratings to see if they are reliable or not. Of course the more ratings they have, the more reliable they are.

5. Click and go into the shop you want to see.

I clicked on Today’s Special and there’s a pop-up. Click on Details to go into their shop.

6. Check their info

See the box in red? It shows where the shop is based at. This shop is based in Korea, so you can expect a longer shipping time as compared to shops that are based in Singapore. Check out their payment methods too! I find it very convenient that they accept credit cards!

Check customers’ reviews!

7. Scroll down and view their items available!

If you are interested in any, click on the image for more details!

8. Examine their close-up.

9. Get your measuring tape ready.

Never buy anything without looking at the measurements. Ok so the length is 85cm, damm I cannot wear! It will be too long for me. So check check check before you buy anything!

10. Go back and check their item code if you are ready to buy.

The item code is the one boxed in red.

11. Select the code and quantity.

Click Add to Cart if you want to continue browsing, or click Buy Now to purchase immediately!

And yup, we are done!! I hope this is useful for beginners! ^^

Visit Qoo10 to shop now!! πŸ˜€

And lastly, please vote for me here everyday!! THANK YEW!!


35 thoughts on “How to use Gmarket/Qoo10 to shop?

  1. Hi
    Tks for this posting. I am trying to use it but got stuck at the price. Eg the top is $5 but when add to cart, it becomes more expensive ( is it I need to add in the discounted price like $4, then add to original price $5 + $4 = $9 )?? hope u understand what I meant, I was looking at Jennie shop. Their pricing part confused me, can help?


    1. Hi! The pricing on top is just a general price. U have to add shipping price. Also, when u select the item, they may also write +4 or any other number u also have to add them in.

  2. Tks for your prompt reply, so if i buy more than 1 items and wanted it to be send by register mail, is it I only need to click ” registered mail ” for the first item and for subsequent items I only need to click normal mail?

  3. Hey I always wanted to buy things on gmarket but I always got freaked out cz I dun get the three prices which are retail, list and sale price. And I also expect the price should be like what they listed at the home page (for example 10.90) then when i placed my order it turns out to be more ex (17.90) after discount and shipping is ard 20+. I don’t get why is it more expensive and those three prices and some times there’s deal price.

    1. Hello, 10.90 is just the general price. When you select the item, take note of the price written beside it…they will usually write a (+$$$), that’s the amount you have to add on to 10.90. And also take note of the shipping price…that is also another amount you have to add in. As for deal price I am not too sure. Hope this helps!

  4. Be careful, the price deviates day to day, and get the coupon ready but there are tons of problem applying. But price has gone up a lot lately, and no more attractive and Groupon is coming down. Generally Groupon good is later but better quality (due to selection) and hassle free.
    Biggest problem is when there is no delivery, Gmarket is not helpful, and try to add more job of requesting for more private information to build up their database even the post supposed to be traceable, and it could not be traced. SO never never try unknown sellers with no or few records. And even for those who has good reviews, you are on your own if one day they decided to run. Gmarket is just trying to capture market, guess all the money spent there, and nothing left to do other basic job.

  5. Hi! So how did you make payment for your purchases?
    I can’t seem to find how to make purchases anywhere on the Internet. I only have a bank account, no credit card or ibanking or whatsoever, please help. I have a few pending items and they’re Christmas gifts. 😦 would appreciate it if you replied me via email πŸ™‚ thank you!:)

  6. hi. Is there a way to not get the items delivered to your house but to the post office or collection? And can I pay using cash deposit? Bank transfer is also available isn’t it? Because I don’t have creditcards and the phone cover I want to buy, they said this: Cash (to Qoo10(DBS, SCB)) under the payment methods. So does this mean bank transfer ?

    1. You can opt for registered mail so when nobody picks up at home, they will be up for collection at the post office. I am not too sure about bank transfer as I always do it via my debit card.

      1. when u use registered mail, it will be sent to ur home but when nobody picks up, they will leave a slip at ur door and ask u to go and pick up at the post office.

  7. Hi, I want to tell that i don’t have any credit card, i banking or whatelse..
    I only have a bank account..
    So, how about by using debit about the step that i can follow or use to use that debit card..??
    Actually, i don’t know how
    this is the first i use this shopping online.. me..

  8. Hi, I want to tell that i don’t have any credit card, i banking or whatelse..
    I only have a bank account..
    So, how about by using debit about the step that i can follow use that debit card..??
    Actually, i don’t know how..
    this is the first i use this shopping online.. me..

  9. Do you get to communicate with the seller before you buy?
    I am afraid things are out of stock after i pay. Or that maybe i wnan ask more in detail about the product.
    So, is there a button to ask?

    I am so tempted to shop on qoo10. Have you tried their skincare products form Korea? Are they genuines?

  10. In the case where there are more than one product in the photo and several of them in 1 page. Under item to order, there are a long list of many different items. Not knowing which is which. How do I order?

  11. I don’t understand which price to pay? The more expensive retail price stated in black with the strikeout font or the price stated in red/blue? Cause when I bought something I saw that the red/blue price was super cheap (13 bucks) so I bought it but the bill sets that I paid for the retail price (37 bucks) :O

  12. Hello! where will items be delivered? To my house or to the mailbox? I don’t think the items can fit in the mailbox. If I’m not at home, will they just leave it at the doorstep? I’m worried because anyone can take it… πŸ™‚ Thank you for answering. πŸ™‚

  13. Hi, I’m quite confusing about cash deposit .. When I want to buy something , then I click that cash deposit but then it show that Qnumber .. That Q number is for what? And when I bank in already .. That statement how I suppose to send them to proof that I bank in already ? Don’t know have you tried this before..Hope u understand my meaning ><

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