Review: Sexylook Extreme Whitening Duo Lifting Mask


Glad to be sponsored another box of face masks!! I’m a huge fan of doing face masks and I’ve been diligently doing it twice a week without fail, nope, not even when I’m tired. Sheet face masks are the easiest and the most convenient choice, which explains why I have a huge collection at home!

Check out part of my collection … do you see the black packaging at the back?

It’s Sexylook Extreme Whitening Duo Lifting Mask.
I’m sure Sexylook is no strangers to you. Think I’ve reviewed before. ^^

Yeah anything that hydrates my skin is definitely wanted!

Left 4 pieces cos I just used up one recently. lol.

Every time I put a mask on, I look like this. lol! I should do a post on how I look like putting a mask and then post all the different masks look, hahahahaha!

3D masks that gives lifting effect as well. Just hook it to your ears. Opps, I realised I didn’t hook it properly.

My thought on this mask:
As you can see, the size is quite huge for me. The sheet is also thicker than most of the masks I tried. But there’s alot of essence and I see results after doing it. The next day, my oil secretion has also reduced! Thumbs up! But I must say this is not my favourite mask cos I generally prefer thin sheets that adheres better to skin.

These masks are sold in a box of 5 with a price of $8.80 per box, at selected Watsons store and at is now selling the masks at $7.90 only! So check out the promo here!


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