An Umbrella for 2

For the Arts Festival this year, Prawn decided to bring me for An Umbrella for 2!

As the name suggest, there was an umbrella! haha!

“Two people share an umbrella equipped with an MP3 player and two sets of headphones. You take a “sound walk” under this umbrella where the contextual music written suggests fresh perspectives of the surroundings. Voices join the music to feed your imagination in perceiving the obvious sights and sounds in a different way, as well as challenge you to experience visions and sounds differently.”
– Source credit:

Here’s the route we covered. From raffles place to City Hall and back to raffles place. The whole journey took about an hour for us. And imagine us holding an umbrella walking through the malls? HAHA!! Many eyes were on us but that’s also the fun part of it.

Prawn said he actually discovered new places that he didn’t know about through the walk. I said everything is new to me cos I can’t remember places that I’ve been to with my poor sense of direction. HAHA.

Here’s a hamsum picture of Prawn. lol.

I find this experience rather unique. Usually I watched theatre performances or sound performances in an enclosed area. But this one was different. We had to walk around to experience it. Hear the sounds from the MP3 given and look at the surroundings, you’ll amaze yourself with new stories.

And it also gets quite exciting when you are not sure where the signs are leading you to! And two sharing an umbrella? Definitely a time to build bonds. ^^

Ending off with a look of the day! lol.


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