Princess Ball

Hey girls! I attended the Heroine Make Princess Ball and because of this event, I just discovered one of my new HOLY GRAIL!

We were told not to put on any eye makeup as there’s gonna be a hands-on session! So here’s the beautiful ladies – Jermaine, my sis and me without eye makeup. We all very confident with our no eye makeup face. hahaha.

Sis and me!

Everyone was given a bracelet with our initials. Can you see the letters at the back of those bracelets? Mine was a V. Love this personalized gift!

The brand new makeup that was on our table:

So much mascaras! o.o
To be honest, every time I see Heroine Make’s products in Watsons I would skip it, much less wanting to try it. It’s just like how I would skip K Palette but after trying it, K Palette has been my holy grail since. Today I’m really curious how Heroine Make’s products are going to change me!

For my eye makeup today, I’m making use of all these products.
– Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara
– Heroine Make Volume Mascara
– Heroine Make Impact Curl Mascara
– Heroine Make Liquid Eyeliner

Nope, no eyeshadow, no big eye lens and definitely no falsies and I can create a pair of dolly eyes easily!

Tear-proof, smudge proof and water proof! Very very important to me!! And does it live to its claim? I honestly can say that its a YES! I can’t believe my eye makeup didn’t smudge at all despite putting it on for the whole day. Other than my favourite Majolica Majorca mascara and Pink Brown mascara that do that, nothing else in the world works for me.

I’ve tried lots of Mascara, and honestly some are just bull-shit. They don’t even curl. But this one does!!! It makes my lashes stay curl throughout!! Of course, a good eyelash curler is definitely a booster. My eyelash curler is from Cyber Colours and it works amazingly for me.

Here’s an illustration of what the 3 mascaras do.
I would say skip the Impact Frame as this is a tad heavy on my lashes and doesn’t curl as well as the other two and it is also more clumpy.

And so the battle begins!!

Hi, I’m going to transform from Zero







I really love the result!! Impressed.

My bare eyes with barely there lashes (actually they are pretty long just really faint looking and sparse.)

After using their mascara and eyeliner, look how my eyes sparkle? lol.
I’m so sorry but I don’t have much lower lashes and so I attempted to draw on the lashes using their eyeliner. Try drawing it the next time you want kawaii eyes.

This season’s trend is on droppy eyes. So don’t create any wings just draw the eyeliner downwards but look where you stop. If you extend the line too long, you’d look super weird.

We all have big eyes magically! lol.

The super chio girl on the right is Melissa!

Jermaine and me! No idea why we need to bend down. lol.

Oh and I super love this set that they prepared!! Like I’m in some anime series. haha!

Heroine Make’s products are available at Watsons Store! Check them out!
Join their Facebook page here.


**This is a Bloggers Event**


2 thoughts on “Princess Ball

  1. I love your look there. Really transforms you from 0 to hero. But, I think that the mascara makes your lashes looks like dried twigs sticking out from your lashes. Thats what I see… Btw, can you please post on anime eyes tutorial?

    1. YES cos i used the impact frame at the end. Impact frame made the lashes like that otherwise it was okay! hehe. I might consider the tutorial but anime eyes need some lenses which I don’t wear ….

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