A rare Taxi Uncle we met

The other day my sis and I met a really nice Taxi Uncle while we were on our way to Kallang Bahru. The minute we boarded the taxi, he thank us for choosing his cab. Although we didn’t choose his, we were in a queue and naturally it’s on a first come first serve basis.

He informed us the route that he will be taking and asked if we are okay with it. He also proceeded to make sure the air con is cold enough for us. He said, “I hope you all are comfortable. I have to make sure you are comfortable cos you paid for the service.” How rare can this be? I’ve never met such a taxi driver who would go the extra mile for his customers.

Along the route, he picked up a call. (Note: He is using earphones) Although he knows English, his pronunciation is still kind of weird. I remembered he ended the call with “have a pleasant afternoon” and repeated himself at least 5 times when the person on the other hand couldn’t make out what he said. The thing here is not about pronunciation, but how he reacts to people. Do you even hear that line when you are on a phone call? I doubt so. It’s getting rare.

When we reached the destination, this taxi uncle even opened the door for us and shook our hands as a thank you gesture. Wow. Although I think this is a little too much for us to take, it is still very sincere and nice of this uncle.

If only we have more of such people in Singapore who is willing to serve and take that as a job with pride …..


5 thoughts on “A rare Taxi Uncle we met

  1. aww so nice of that uncle! When I was in jeju, the taxi driver also shook my hand and said something in Korean which I think means bon voyage. Haha

    1. awwwwwww! That’s also damm nice of the Korean driver…makes you feel good even though you are at a foreign place. If only we have more of such people here.

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