Simple natural large eyes tutorial

The applying of eye makeup does not always need to be so deliberate. My usual eye makeup has always been simple, easy to do and fuss free. I cannot be bothered with any big eye lens or falsies cos I usually try to spend less than half an hour on makeup.

With that said, there are still a few variations of the different simple eye makeup that I’ve did. Here’s one variation that allows you to use eyeshadow easily.

1. Apply eye primer for a long lasting eye shadow. My take is the Urban Decay’s eye primer. REALLY GOOD!! MY eye shadow lasted the whole day!!
2. Apply a clean base. I choose to use a soft pink on my entire lid.

2. Draw a thin line near to your lashes. You can slowly increase the thickness this way. Depends on your needs, sometimes I leave it just here but other times …

3. I would draw a thicker line and extend my line outward a little just to make my eyes longer.

4. Open your eyes to check if the line is okay. By okay, it means whether the line is smooth without any weird edges popping out.

5. Add a line of brown eyeshadow using a brush above the eyeliner

6. This is to increase intensity and make the eyes appear larger.

7. To make the eyeliner appear less harsh, use a black eyeshadow and draw a line on top of the eyeliner. That will give the line a smudge look.

8. So this is how it will look like when you open your eyes.

9. Curl your lashes

10. Apply mascara.

11. 3 coats of mascara is enough for me usually.

12. I’m so sorry that the end result has to be blur, lol. For the lower lid, apply brown shadow/liner at the outer corner and highlight the inner corner with white pearl color.

Oh and I curled my hair ends today for a dolly look. Hope you like the tutorial!

Went to support my classmate in his hall’s theatre production! Always like 学生剧场, cos it reminds me of my own back then.

Ahhhhhh..those were the days….I can only replay it in my mind now, even so, memories are starting to fade …


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