Sasa’s biggest flagship store opening at Jurong Point

Went to Sasa’s biggest flagship store’s opening at Jurong Point with some other bloggers!

The place is really huge! It is over 4000 sqft and it offers over 10,000 products for customers to choose! The store took over the then This Fashion and it is amazingly big! Since NTU is so near to JP, next time I know where to shop for my beauty necessities already. keke.

Because the store is so huge, they offer professional eyebrow embroidery service at Empro that promises a natural and full eyebrows and Elip Embroidery that leaves a semi-permanent, luscious and natural lip with added moisturizing effect.

We didn’t do the embroidery of course, just had some eyebrow shaping done. ^^

Hehe my turn!

Before the shaping, eyebrow is super full… Although I usually pluck away the stray hairs, I don’t really do much shaping …

Here’s the after result! I’m liking the shape!

We also had complimentary scalp scan too! This is my first scalp analysis and the result gross me out. I do know I have some dandruff problem but I didn’t know it was that jia lat till the scan. My scalp are quite clogged due to dandruff and dead skin cells. No wonder my hair never grows out beautifully… how to have nice hair when I have scalp like this??

I was introduced to this Botanical Scalp Rebalancing Elixir Set that can help my scalp to be balanced once more, getting rid of all the clogged due to dead cells etc.


I shared the set with Chantana! Have been using it once a week and will probably do a review on it soon!

We also had complimentary express Gelish nails done by Red Carpet Manicure too!

I chose a pastel shade …lavender colour! My first manicure!
Told the manicurist this is my first manicure and she’s like wow! You have given your first to me. LOL.

Pastel colours are so IN this season! Why not?

You can even D.I.Y gelish nails yourself at home!

But you will need this LED light though! Can purchase it at $138.

Quite amazing how fast the polish dries after putting your hands in.

If you need to remove your Gel polish, just purchase this remover at $15! Quite cheap! Don’t hurt your nails by peeling it off kay! I know it’s tempting!

Lastly here’s a picture of me, Chantana and Verlyn! Hehe.


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