Daily necessities from Qoo10!

Last week I blogged about the fashion items I got from Qoo10! This week, I’m gonna show some of the daily necessities I got from Qoo10!
PS: Digital & mobile/Living & Auto is my favourite category to shop at Qoo10! Always can’t take my eyes off browsing those cute items!

Yup these are the items I got from this category!

I got this toiletries bag for travel purposes. This bag cost me $10.90!

The reason why I chose this bag is because you can hook onto any rod and it will be so convenient to use in the toilet!

It is also really spacious with lots of compartments so you can put a lot of products in it!

And yup, this is the hook …
I’m satisfied with this buy and I will rate it a 4/5! The zips looked a little different from the pictures though.

The second item is two cable winder for $5.90 $4.90. This was a discounted item!

Many other colours to choose from …

It is very useful in keeping wires together!

Functional buttons attached ..

Yup, I use it to keep my ear piece and also keep stray wires off the table for a neater look!

This item is really useful for long and bulky wires and it is very easy to use. Just clip and you will be off to go! It is not exactly super cheap however but will do. I will rate it a 3.5/5!

The next item is what they call a smart pouch! lolol. It cost $15.70!
Let’s see how smart this pouch is …

When you open up, it’s in pale pink colour. Quite chio!

There are card compartments …

Coins compartment and also a handphone compartment! It’s like ALL IN ONE!

Pretty zip charm. I buy this cos my attachment is starting really soon and this will be useful for lunch hours! As my job requires me to walk about a lot, I wouldn’t carry my thick wallet out. This will be the pouch I’ll bring with me wherever I go.

The material of this pouch is good and not forgetting super useful! This was delivered to my door step so kudos to this company! I will rate it a 4.5/5!

The last item I got is an Iphone Cover + Screen Protector!!
This is my favourite item out of the whole lot! Both items cost me only $12.40 with a $1 discount!

The duo colour makes my Iphone really attractive! I saw someone using it on the bus one day and I was so attracted to it and I immediately went home to search on Qoo10!

The handphone and video stand for this case is also provided! I’ve been thinking about getting a stand for my iphone and this comes in just at the right time! Positive thinking attracts all the things I want!

This item is not only pretty, but super affordable and quality is good! It is also the second time I purchased from Megadeal, never  disappoint me. I will rate this a 5/5!!

Ending this post with a tip:
The price of items are not written down clearly, this is how you calculate the cost.

The black box shows the lowest price item of the store.
The green box shows the shipping cost. In this case, it is free.
The red box shows the additional item cost.
So, just add up all the prices together and you will get the item cost! That’s simple right?! I took a while to get used to it though.

Please visit Qoo10’s webpage to shop here!

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