Light Matters

This picture was taken in front of The Chapel at Sculpture.  A light installation named Light Matters was going on there.

“The project (designed by Lim Woan Wen, a lighting designer) aspires to compose a visual poem with the splendor of natural light to transform the 19th-century-heritage-building-turned-gallery into a piece of four-dimensional artwork and, in turn, open up a free space of quiet in the middle of a bustling city.”

Basically, we went into the dark Chapel, with two small windows at the top opposite of each other. Despite the darkness, beam of sunlight was seen through the windows.

Objects such as glass bottles of different types, dust sparkles, tank of water etc was placed on the floor. When the beam of sunlight shone through the window and hit the objects, the rays were reflected onto a huge standing board.

We stayed there from 10.30am till 1.30pm for the whole installation. As the sun moved, the ray moved. The reflections projected onto the board changes according to the time. The nature was so magnificent that I was extremely awed by it.

Time passed really slowly there. And surely, being such an impatient girl, sometimes I just wish time would fast forward. But that’s a point there. In this bustling city, the time never stops for anyone, it flew away before you could even catch a glimpse of it. Here, the time passes slowly, allowing you to catch every minute of it. Then slowly, I learn to appreciate and slowed down my pace.

I find serenity and calmness here. There’s nothing except the rays and the reflections. It’s like a painting, except that it is moving. Every minute is different and every minute is precious. Like what my sis says, once you miss it, you will never find it back.

I thought of this statement “破晓黎明前总是黑暗的” and I remembered how it used to be my favourite phrase.  The light made non-living things living. The light is equivalent to living. And where there’s light, there’s hope.

I really enjoyed this installation. And I think even though I’m no longer so active in the arts scene, the passion for arts will never die in me. Or so I hope. I’m really thankful for those days that made me who I am.

Catch it, it won’t disappoint. : )
DATE: 16.06.2012 – 01.07.2012
TIME: 1000 – 1300 daily, free admission


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