As work starts (and some of my handmade gifts) …

Tomorrow will be the first day I start my internship!
Please bear with me if my updates get a little slower. Am trying to get use to a new environment, knowing new colleagues and familiarizing myself with the new work load. So yup!

I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be a rewarding 5 weeks experience. I will be positive, cool and calm through these 5 weeks. I WILL! 🙂

Anyway, I’ve come to realised I’ve been diligently making cards for my besties. 🙂
Just recently, I completed another Scrap page for my dearest friend’s birthday! Although it’s belated but better be late than never right?

Here I’ve complied some of my art works this year. I’m not very good at arts but I still try to make some with my little bit of aesthetics sense. lol!

This was done in Jan for Michelle’s birthday! It was also the first time I experimented with scrap arts. I really think I’ve got the talent! lol!

And then, it was Jina and Shan’s birthday in the Feb! I made luggage tags for the girls! The two dolls were customized using Hypnose FB app at that time. I think the dolls really resembles them!

This is the back view of the tag.

Also, not forgetting that Feb is the month of love. I made this for Prawn!

Second page! I don’t believe in buying expensive flowers in this occasion but I really really love handmade gifts.

This was during April and I made this card for Ling! This is like my BEST work ever! I love this card so much!! This is also a card which took me the most efforts! But I really love that pop-out effect.

And of course this is my latest card made for Carmen, the May baby! This is more colourful, bright and lively. It will always remind the girl to be cheerful and positive always. I got the quotes from my favourite tumblr posts and wrote them down for the girl. : )

I’m really glad to be making these for my friends because handmade gifts are always thoughtful and always the best. Isn’t it?


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