Last post of Qoo10! See what I’ve got!

Hey everyone! A BIG THANK YOU to all those people who have voted for me religiously during the voting period!

Today I’ll be doing up my LAST blog post!
I’ve covered the Fashion category and the Digital and Mobile/Auto Living category the previous times.

Today I’ll be doing one Baby/food category!
And this is what I got from Qoo10!

A pack of super duper cute fingers puppets!

Actually it’s a pack of 10, but hor, I somehow lose some of them … ahhh!

Favourite one out of the lot. too cute!

Useful for the mums who want to play with the children! You know you can narrate a story to the kids using fingers puppets, it’ll be so much more fun and enjoyable than reading it.

I think this is worth it! It’s only $10 for a pack of 10! It’s a sales item! I cannot find family puppets out there (usually only animals), so this is definitely great!

With Qoo10, there’s almost nothing that you can’t find. You just have to learn how to use the site!
Don’t tell me after I blogged about Qoo10 so much, you haven’t went to visit their page hor!
Go now! Click here!


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