Review: Sunplay Sunscreen


I’m back in action! lol.
I’m so missing blogging. I wish I have more time to do the things I like! It’s almost impossible to blog on the weekdays. I try to sleep by 11 or 1130am so that I could wake up on time tomorrow, and that leaves me with no time to blog. Sigh. Maybe I should try to blog more on weekends and save it so that I could publish them during the weekdays. It really makes me feel so unhappy to leave my blog dangling without any content for days!

So anyway, I was recently sent the Sunplay’s Watery Cool Series of sunscreen and the Super Block which I had reviewed it previously here!

Once again, the summer is here. The windy days are long gone and here we are welcoming the hottest season of the year! My body has been slightly darker already cos I wasn’t using any sunscreen on my body!

In the morning, I do not have the luxury of time to do my makeup cos I’m #foreverinarush. lol. So I’m definitely in need of some quick fix! Just last week, I was told to go for an outdoor trip for work and the sun was burning hot! I wish I had my Sunplay with me then. So the next day, I became smarter and brought my Sunplay SPF130 with me to apply! hahahaha!! I’m always early for work so I have the time to apply them when I reach my work place. I feel so safe after using SPF130.

Unfortunately the only thing about the SPF130 is the smell. I really dislike the smell.

And today …

I am introducing the new Watery Cool Series which I super love cos of the cooling smell, almost like some mint candies!

This Spray On Body mist provides SPF 75 PA+++ gives you a very high maximum coverage and easy application. Just spray it on and you will be good to go! It has a kind of citrus smell which is really refreshing. The only thing about using a spray on is that you won’t know if it has been evenly applied on your skin.

This product comes out watery and colourless and it became dry after a min or two. The skin also feels smooth with a nice glow thereafter.

And so we have another type of sunscreen of SPF65 PA+++. This sunscreen is small and good to carry in your purse. It is also highly water and sweat proof, perfect for swimming!

Both the spray on and the lotion has a new solarex-3 technology that provides a unique UV defense system which combines superior photostability, high moisture retention and anti-aging properties.

It smells like Halls Sweets!

This product comes out in white watery lotion that is absorbed into the skin quickly without any residue! And I’m loving them!

The two products are gonna top my favourite body suncscreen from now on!
Note: I do not use it for my face as I have my own preferred sunscreen.

Redeem a sample of their travel sized sunplay on their FB page today here!

And nothing, my selca is random. :p


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