Short hair?

I have a sudden urge to snip off my hair! And my inspiration comes from Rainie Yang.

She used to have super long hair, sometimes shoulder length sometimes as long as the picture above. She sometimes had them curly and at times straight and everyone calls her a cutie!

It is not long after that she had her hair cut and she looks totally different!
She’s still cute, but she exudes more personality now which I love it so much!


I think she really looks good in short hair.
To be honest, I haven’t had my hair cut so short since I grad from secondary school?  A part of me wish to cut my hair short but another part of me is afraid that I may not look good in short hair. Afterall, it’s been so long since I last see myself with hair this short. And you definitely can’t compare it to the past since I’ve changed a lot in terms of look.

I would really love to try out something new. Should I take the plunge?


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