The end of my practicum!

I ended my last day of work today. These 5 weeks have finally come to an end. I’m happy that I do not need to do all the administration stuff anymore, yet at the same time missing the people I met there. These two are the ones who have accompanied me through the weeks. We would basically just sit together sometimes and work and rant together. lol.

These 5 weeks were horribly tiring for me. Waking up at 5.45am everyday is no joke and there’s a lot of daily plannings to be done. After planning, I have to make sure I get everything ready by next day for execution. This can never happen without the help of my boyfriend and sister. And of course my Dad, who drove me to work every morning. Really, a cup of bubble tea won’t be enough to express my gratitude to them.

And at the same time, it has been really rewarding. I dare to say I’ve tried my very best to do the best that I can do. And the little ones will remember what I did for them. That alone, I guess, it’s an achievement for me? I’m just a little upset that I don’t have time to take any pictures with them.

Now that I’m 23, I really find myself growing up. The feeling of working is so much different as compared to two, three years ago. Back then, I was just a little teenager just stepping into the working world. I don’t know how or what to expect.  And it doesn’t help that I look much younger than my peers. Now that I’ve finally grown up, I feel much better about myself and working just seems like the most natural thing to do.

Thanks Mun for the rides back home sometimes! Appreciated! 🙂

And thank you Yu Hui for the lovely book from Taiwan. 🙂

Without you guys, practicum would be so boring.




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