How to deep cleanse your skin

Sorry for the long wait everyone, if you are waiting for the review of this Sonic Cleanse which has kindly sponsored me with. The busy schedules of mine has made blogging difficult for a period of time. But fret not, I’m back and I’ll be updating this space more religiously now. 😀

Similar to the highly-raved Clarisonic, this Sonic Cleanse skincare system works to give your skin a thorough cleansing.

  • 2x better cleansing
  • 8x more exfoliation
  • 6x more make up removal
  • 50% more absorption
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Fast & noticeable results
  • Portable & waterproof

What you get in the box:
Handle, brush for normal skin, brush for sensitive skin (transparent bristles), sponge, wrinkle reducer, storage cradle.

I’m using the transparent bristle now and I’ve been using it for near 3 months. And if you can see, the bristles are already turning yellow (which is a signal for me to change the brush head.) Yes, the brush head should be changed once every 90 days but it is cheap so not to worry!

This Sonic Cleanse operates with batteries and no charging required. So far, the batteries have not been used up yet! So I really really love how convenient this is.

The storage cradle makes it easy to store in the bathroom. Once you are done with it, cleanse and air-dry the brush by letting it stand upright in the cradle.

My thoughts: Initially I used it everyday for about a week and slowly reduced the usage till once a week for maintenance purpose. I find that my pores are clearer whenever I use it. My skin has also become smoother because of the cleanser. It is easy to use, easy to store and cheap to maintain. I highly recommend this if you want thorough cleansing at least once a week.

To use it, simply wash your skin with warm water and wash the bristles with warm water. Put on a little cleanser on the brush and go all over your face in circular motion. Generally 10 sec for cheeks and 20 sec for forehead, chin and nose.

Best of all, it is so so so much cheaper than Clarisonic!! This only cost $98 with one year warranty! You don’t even have to charge the batteries at all! GOOD.

Now, great news FOR ALL MY READERS. 
Purchase the cleanser at 20% discount by just entering the discount code: vivianism 

This offer is valid for two weeks from now, ends at 13/08/2012. So get it now here.


5 thoughts on “How to deep cleanse your skin

  1. Hellooo…Have you tried using the normal brush? Is it too harsh to be used on our face as I have read reviews on the Clarisonic’s normal brush that its too harsh for Asian’s skin.

    1. I’ve not tried on the normal brush yet. Anw, the package comes with two type of brush so just use whatever that is suitable for your skin? if ur skin is sensitive, then just use the transparent one.

  2. Finally back to blog more, u! ;p

    Anyway does the brush make u break out in initial stage? Was thinking of trying out clarisonic, but scared make me break out hehe

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