Floral love

One of my favourite dress at the moment ….
Huge floral prints are the IN this summer season and I really love florals!

Trying to grow my fringe long at the current moment so I’ll be pinning my fringe most of the time now. I like the way it feels like without my fringe dropping all over.

This dress has shoulder pad and a high round neckline. I’m all for shoulder pads because it adds width to my small shoulders.
I don’t think I can count the number of dresses I have that has shoulder pads in it.

This Charles and Keith handbag has always been my favourite bag to carry to town on a weekend. I love it because of it’s really unqiue colour combi that resembles chocolate truffles. LOL. If it’s black, it’ll be too generic and boring for my liking.

It’s a beautiful day! ^-^ And I’m so happy because I just received what I’ve been hoping for! THE SECRET REALLY WORKS. Woohoo.

PS: It doesn’t matter what your size are. Just get to know your body and find the right type of clothings that suits your body frame.


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