The arty farty us

Outfit of the day. I love the skirt so much that I actually wore it consecutively for two days. OPPS. =x
And this top is very comfortable with pretty collar details. I can foresee myself wearing it pretty often.

Went to catch a film screening at The Arts House Today about Human Trafficking. The title of the film was Dancing Boys of Afghanistan, where it showed the boys there of age 13 to 14  sold by families to ‘entertain’ wealthy merchants and warlords. An undercover investigation into this illicit sex trade.

Never mind how the documentary fare. Not the best … but I love doing arty farty stuff together with le boyfie! Good thing that boyfie is into the arts too. =)

With Prawnie Boyfie … dono when was our last picture taken already… too long ago.

lalala…another selca.

I love this shot! We both looked good.

Prawn kept joking about my Curry Pok hairstyle and kept asking me what filling is it inside, is it Kang Tang (potatoes, fillings found in a curry bun) ? And I would always say yes. lolol. And then he pointed to some curry pok seller and said he’s my friend.  I think I’m like the most nonsense person in his life, always saying the most weirdest and retarded things. lol. But then again, life is too serious already, WHY SO SERIOUS?

I always joked about our future life, and say next time I would be the one cleaning the dishes, while he would do the laundry. I would be sweeping the floor while he would mop the floor. I would be resting on the bed while he would change the sheets. WAHAHA. =p I hope I don’t jinx myself though, and end up doing everything by myself.


I hope you have a great weekend! Last day to Monday so enjoy it to the fullest! ^^


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