How to: Curling mid-length hair

It’s been very long since I last used my curler. Decided to take my curler out and play with it!

My hair isn’t very long to begin with; it’s slightly above my chest area. I used an 1 inch curler for this look.

The trick to this look is not to curl too much length of the hair, only concentrate on the ends. And since I am using a relatively small curler with a small barrel, take big pieces of hair to curl for a more natural look.

Here’s how the back looks like! Only curls at the end but it is still very bouncy and lively!

To achieve this look, here’s what you have to do: 

1) Prep your hair by spraying a styling mist/heat protectant to the ends of your hair. I’m using Fuwarie Hair Styling Mist and it works great to give me bouncy curls!
2) Heat up your curler. My babybliss curler has a total of 25 heat setting and I usually use the number 23 setting. The hotter your tool is, the faster you take to curl your hair.
3) Divide your hair into two sections; upper and lower. Clip the upper layer up first.  If you have more hair, you might need to do divide them into more sections.
4) Take about 3 inch of hair and put it inside the clamp of the curler. Make sure the clamp is facing outwards if you want to do inward curls like mine. If you do it in the wrong direction, you will end up with funny curls with a bent on the hair.
5) Slide the curler all the way down to the bottom and roll it up. For my look, I only rolled it up two to three rounds.
6) Make sure that the curler is 45 degree away from the face.
7) Repeat it until all the hair has been curled.
8) Let the curls cool down first. Always remember not to touch the curls when they are still hot or the curls will die off faster.
9) Run your fingers through the curls to soften the look.
10) Spray the curls with your favourite hair spray for the curls to last the whole day!

Check out my video tutorial here.

PS: This is my new hair colour! Not very obvious cos I asked for a subtle dye this time round. Goodbye to black roots!  But my hair quality is still surprising GOOD after the hair dye! Will share with you more on this next time. 


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