Su Korean Cuisine

I’m not into Korean Dramas/language/culture, but I’m quite into KOREAN CUISINE!! Woohoo, I especially love kimchi soup, kimchi pancake and definitely KOREAN BBQ! *SLURPS

I’ve been to Su Korean Cuisine once and I’m back there again for more! I really love the food and the environment there.

We had the set Korean BBQ for two.

I simply love the Korean side dishes. These dishes were great! I especially love the potatoes, bean sprouts and the kimchi! Korean’s bean sprouts are always huge! LOVE IT.

Bacons …. very nicely cut. Don’t they look yummy?

Chicken! This was nice! ❤

Re-fillable lettuce for your meat.

Everything is nice and clean there. I’ve been to lousy Korean BBQ before and the environment is a turn off too!

Oh and the super yummy kimchi soup but unfortunately we were too full to finish everything.

The whole set also includes a drink and two bowls of rice. ^^

Price: $56++  (2 pax)
Venue: Far East Plaza Su Korean Cuisine

This place is a bit hefty but it is worth every penny in my opinion.

The 3 ladies! We were all in our florals …. it’s the FLORAL SEASON! But summer is ending soon…*sigh.

Yay…hope to see Jun again soon! ^^

Anw, a video tutorial on my previous blog post (how to curl mid-length hair) has been posted up! Do check out the link here! ^^

School’s starting! I will be posting some back to school blog posts/video soon! So do check back!


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