Back-to-school: What’s in my school bag?

Yay! School’s back! Honestly, I’m really really so grateful to be going back to school. The feeling is like getting back to school after I graduate from my polytechnic. Haha, as you can probably tell, I hate working! :p I love school! You’d better love school too and start to study hard okay!  🙂

Since school’s back, I thought I would probably do some back-to-school posts. If you have any interesting back-to-school ideas that you would like me to blog about, feel free to comment! I’m open to any ideas! Oh if you don’t know, the button to leave a comment is on the left side. That’s right!


Today’s topic is on … 

Yup! That’s one of my school bag! I’ve been using this bag and another bag for many years already! Maybe when I graduate, I should reward myself with another bag! Just maybe!

These are the stuff that I usually bring to school.
Wallet, tissue, pencil case, file, notebook, schedule book, handphone, tumbler, umbrella, lip balms, ear piece, supplements, mirror/compact powder. Oh, and not to forget a cardigan!

Bought this pencil case at Art Box. I like it because it is super slim. lolol. I don’t want to add additional weight to my bag. And lecture room have pretty small tables, I don’t want my pencil case to occupy the whole table.

The pens and pencil that I’m currently using. These pens are pretty slim also! And I had a formspring question asking me if I remove the price tags of my pens, my answer Here’s a picture. lolol.

My tumbler from Starbucks. I like using tumbler cos it is pretty easy to clean!

Lip balms and supplements in a cute bottle! The lip balms are from Mentholatum and I’m currently reviewing it.

This super cute supplement bottle is from Art Box as well!

An orange file from popular to put my notes! This file … not say very pretty but it is in my fav colour and most importantly SUPER USEFUL!
There are 3 compartments in this single file …. One at the front

One in the middle


and one at the back!

So essentially, this is like 3 files for the price of 1! lol. This is just right for all my 3 modules I have to take this semester.

My notebook from Art Box again! Didn’t manage to use last semester, so I took it out for this semester again.

The back view of this book is polka dots! Cute right?! lol.

And my iphone! I just realise this iphone’s cover color combi is the same as my notebook. lol. And my dust cap is from my classmate!

So I hope you enjoy back-to-school-post ! Remember to leave me a comment if you have any interesting ideas! ^^


6 thoughts on “Back-to-school: What’s in my school bag?

  1. We have some similarities here like small pencil case and the price stickers. My friends always asked me the same qs ’bout it and I just said that I don’t like the sticky feeling.

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